Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Starting Tencel Scarf

Last week at the weaver's guild meeting (which is conveniently at the Manning's) I bought five 2 oz. skeins of tencel to make a scarf. The scarf is a modified version of the shawl that is on the cover of the latest Handwoven magazine. It is my first 8-shaft project - also my first tencel.

On Saturday, we went to the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. and saw a wonderful exhibit called "High Fiber." They have one piece by Anni Albers and another by one of her students, Lore Lindenfield. The one by Lore Lindenfield is one I want to try someday. It was a black and tan doubleweave with many sections where the top layer wasn't woven, but tied and it gave a nice open pattern against the contrasting bottom layer. Two other pieces that particularly struck me were by Richard Landis and Mariska Karasz. There were plenty of others that were jaw droppers. There are woven materials including rugs, tapestries, quilts, and other fabric art. I will undoubtedly go back at least one more time before it closes.

The exhibit will be open until July 10, 2005 and admission is free. It is worth the trip if you're in the area.

I've been under the weather with a stomach virus for the past few days but I did manage to get the scarf warped. I made two warps - one with the blue and gray wound together because most of the warp has them alternating. I wound a second warp with the mauve and more blue to fill in the pattern. I almost had to call for a mail order resupply of the blue. I looked at the yardage on the 10/2 tencel and 2 oz. skeins were 525 yards. I forgot that the blue, which is what I needed the most of was 8/2 and only 420 yards per skein. I came out two threads short! So, I just used the silver for the floating selvedge instead of the blue - I doubt anyone but me will know the difference. I just hope I don't break a blue thread while weaving.

Here are two pictures - one of the yarn and one of the warp sleyed in the reed.


Charleen said...

Looks good, Larry! I haven't tried tencel yet either, but I have some ready to wind.

Maus said...

soooo pretty those colors! I love weaving with tencel, after washing it comes out just wonderfully soft and the colors stay nice forever.

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