Sunday, April 24, 2005

Scarf Finished and Carpet On The Floor

I finished the tencel scarf a few days ago and if I do say so myself, it is absolutely beautiful. It's the best thing I've done so far in my weaving career. The whole project went well for me (very unusual) and I'm really happy with the result. After washing and ironing the scarf has a great feel. I think I will do this exact pattern again using only two colors of yarn with fairly high contrast and see if I can't get the pattern to "pop" out a bit more. Here are three pictures.

The scarf:

A closeup of the fringe:

And a closeup of the pattern:

I also have a new rule - every time I finish a project I have to go back and finish an older project that is still waiting to be put into service. I had a few fixes to make on the bathroom carpet, so I did those and washed the carpet. It is now in its new home in Dolly's bathroom:

What's the next project? I'm not sure. I have an older table loom that was given to me and it needs to be cleaned up before it can be used. It came with a 15 dent reed and I bought a 12 dent reed but need to cut it down from 22 inches to 20-1/2 inches. I also ordered 200 extra heddles that need to be put on. I think I'll at least start cleaning up this loom before I start a new project.

Projects that I want to do are:

  • A few hot pads for a friend
  • A double weave project. I've never done double weave and I was inspired by a wall hanging I saw at the Renwick museum in D.C.
  • Something with linen or cotolin.


Maus said...

Carpet and scarf are absoluttely gorgeous :) I am looking forward to seeing the scarf pattern in different colors with more contrast, but these more subtle colors look very pretty too! Doesn't it get so nice and soft :)

Charleen said...

Nice job, Larry! The scarf is beautiful. I love the way the tencel shimmers.