Friday, April 01, 2005

Almost Warped

We spent a long four day weekend in New Orleans, so I'm just getting back to the loom. We made several trips to the Crescent City Brewery, saw Ingrid Lucia at the Blue Nile, visited the wonderful aquarium, had beignets at the Cafe du Monde, pecan waffles at the Camellia Grill, saw the French Market and adjoining flea market, did walking tours of the French Quarter and the Garden District, watched the Easter parade in the French Quarter and caught beads, and had a somewhat disappointing experience at the highly rated Commander's Palace restaurant. All in all a great fun trip.

Back to weaving. The bathroom carpet that I'm making is almost on the loom. The reed is sleyed, the heddles are threaded, and the warp is on the warp beam. I'll tie on to the cloth beam tomorrow morning and start weaving. There are 165 doubled warp threads, two in every other dent of the 12 dent reed, plus an extra one at each end to reinforce the selvedge. The threading is a straight draw. I still need to decide how to finish the rug. Here's where it stands now:

From the back

And from the front, still uncut


Sara said...

Welcome to blog world! Nice to see weaving blogs, maybe it will encourage some new people to try weaving. I'll look forward to seeing the rug develop.

Charleen said...

Hi Larry. Nice blog! We'd love to have you join WeaveRing. Let me know if you are interested.

Maus said...

Hi Larry,
love the way you set up your blog so far, I just can't get enough of looking at weaving in progress, its always so inspiring to see what other people do. How did you come to get two large looms and just started weaving?
I'd love to do a carpet/runner type thing, but not sure if my babywolf is sturdy enough for that.
Keep blogging!