Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Carpet is Finished

I got the carpet done last night. Finishing isn't my favorite thing but Peter Collingwood's book says you need a weft protector and a warp protector. For the weft protector, I did a Damascus edge and for the warp protector I decided to do a five-strand flat braid. That braid took a long time! Anyway, here's the finished product:

If you want to see a large photo, click on the image.

Here are two closeups of the edge - first, part way through the first pass on tying the Damascus edge and then a closeup of the finished edge including the braid.

And tonight, that lovely weaver dog that you can see below almost became an ex-weaver dog. I had the new carpet on the floor in the family room and I was in the study. I heard a funny noise and when I looked out, he had a corner of the carpet between his paws and was gnawing on the braid. Fortunately, he had just started and no damage was done - just a slighty wet braid. But he's very very very sorry and won't do anything like that again ;-)

My next project is going to be a tencel scarf on the 8-shaft loom. I'm going to use a modified pattern from the latest edition of Handwoven magazine. They have a wonderful tencel shawl that I'm going to shorten into a scarf and probably change colors, too. My guild meets tomorrow morning and I plan to buy the yarn after the meeting. It will be my first 8-shaft project and my first tencel project. I hope I'm not getting in over my head.


Charleen said...

It looks great, Larry! You did a wonderful job on the finishing too. I noticed that you've gone to The Mannings. Did you take the rug finishing class that Tom Knisely teaches? I took that and the fleece and pile rug classes at Creative Strands this summer. What a wealth of information.

Maus said...

Oh I love your carpet!! Its looks perfect. Poor little dog, he just wanted to "try it out", hehe. But I think I would have freaked too, like in a cartoon picture yelling my dogs flat to the wall.