Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Yarn Shelves

Slowly but surely, we're transforming a cluttered basement room into a nice crafts room that is fun to work in. After installing some cabinets, I had a 24" space between the cabinets and the doors that wasn't being used, so I added some yarn shelves. I couldn't find shelves that were an exact fit so I went to Ikea and bought shelves that were 30" wide. I took everything all apart, cut the shelf wood to the right size, then put it all back together again. I just got them together and filled up this morning. This is only about 1/2 of my yarn stash but it freed up space that is better used for something else and got this yarn into a much better organized place.

To the left is my Dorothy table loom that I'm warping with some alpaca to make a scarf during a weaving demo that I'm doing at an alpaca farm in N.Y. next Saturday. I'm also nearly ready to start weaving on the rayon scarves that I've got on one of the big looms. I've got enough warp on to sample before I start the scarves, so I should be able to post a picture of the sample when it's finished.


Maus said...

Oh that looks wonderful! I'm a tad jealous that you have a local Ikea. Remember having those shelves as a teenager, they went through a LOT.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

dear Larry, it is seldom to 'discover'a male weaver. I hope you like the hobby, the craft.
I'm dutch, in my fifties and started weaving about 8 yrs ago. It is my passion, between work, family-stuff, garden and fitness. I'm weaving on a (o.a.) Louet Spring 110. A very nice !!!! loom.
I also dye fibres, when i cannot find the right colour. A few weeks ago I've woven a scarf to a friend (a consolation scarf) because she lost her husband. My Engl. is not so good,sorry, but I think you do'nt speak dutch.
Wishing you well, Betty Smit from the NL.

Greta said...

Larry, post some more! I just read what you have so far and I appreciate the ways you describe what you are doing and photograph your work. I am not finding much blogging about actual weaving. What are you up to now?

Greta said...

Larry, write some more! I have just found your blog and like the way you describe what you are doing and photograph your fabrics. It is encouraging to see your work.