Monday, February 22, 2010


I have done a little bit of dyeing but not enough to feel comfortable with it. We have two dyeing study groups locally but both are full and not taking new members, so when a third group started I jumped in. We had our first dyeing session last weekend and used Procion MX fiber reactive dyes. I dyed four skeins of Tencel, two of cotton and two of a Tencel/silk blend. The results are shown here:

The four Tencel skeins are on the right, the orange ones are cotton and the pale ones are the Tencel/silk blends. I agitated too much when I washed them so they look like a tangled mess. I did wind one of the Tencel skeins into a ball and it worked fine. I'm sure the cotton skeins will also unravel well, but I'm pretty sure the Tencel/silk blend skeins are toast. They're not only very tangled but for some reason they didn't take the dye very well, so I'm not all that unhappy to lose them. I'll try to unravel them but I don't have much hope.

Now that I've got these under my belt, I may be more inclined to just set aside a day for dyeing in the basement. I'd like to play with more color blending and then, later, try some acid dyes on protein fibers.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

To save them, try snapping the skeins HARD. Put you hands in them, stretch them apart, then pull hard,release, pull hard, release. Then change where the skein is on your hands and repeat.
Next time, do this when you go to hang the wet skeins, and also slap them really hard a couple of times against something hard like a bath tub, change positions, slap again, and keep repeating. These things will help bring order to the skeins and will also separate all those ends that want to stick together.